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    The hot August has witnessed China’s biggest blockbuster “Wolf Warriors 2”. The film has become the most successful in the Chinese box office, making more than 5 billion yuan ($750 million) since its release in late July. We found Chinese Rambo in Leng Feng and also many machines and weapons “made in china” in this film. As a high-tech enterprise, Kinan developed a series of military grade KVM pro...

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    Shenzhen Unicom large engine room planning focus, is the Centralized Management Of large amount of server, remote control from the monitor room, the control side is completely independent of the IDC room. Only if necessary, then enter the IDC room operation to avoid The machine room sporadic connection of the chaotic situation. while reducing the number of personnel access, maintenance equipment...

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    Shenzhen Baoan International Airport (referred to as "Shenzhen Airport") expansion project is currently in full swing, it is learned that the T3 terminal of the civil works will be completed by the end of 2012, 2013 will have transition conditions. In order to achieve the open space, the entire T3 terminal steel construction volume of more than 50,000 tons. November 28, 2013, Shenzhen Airport New ...
ISO9001 & ISO14001 Registered Company
ISO9001 quality standards and ISO14001 environment standards are strictly applied into our daily production.
Complete Product Certifications
Most of our products have CE, FCC, ROHS and UL certifications.
Strong and Innovative R&D Team
With experienced R&D engineers who has been in the KVM industry for more than 10 years.
Strict Quality Management Process
5 procedures to 100% full inspection of function to make sure the quality.
Focus on KVM solutions since 2002
Kinan has more than 15 patents about components of KVM products as well as appearance design.
OEM/ODM services are available
Kinan customers have the confidence that we will always be there to support their mission on centralized control device and remote server management needs.

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