A KVM Extender allows users to work on a computer from a remote console. It is a set of transmitter and receiver devices. The KVM Extender transmitter unit is connected to a computer or server at the local console, and the receiver unit is connected to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse at the remote console. The USB keyboard and mouse, audio, and video signals are extended to a remote user station, make the real-time control at the remote console and improve user comfort and safety. As a professional KVM Extender solution provider, Kinan KVM Extenders are based on HTBaseT technology, support a wide range of extension distances and connectivity options.
As an ISO9001&ISO14001 registered company, the KVM Extenders we offered are compliant with CE and RoHS standards. We also offer OEM & ODM services for KVM extenders, if you are looking for a KVM extender solution, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you the best solution based on your budget.
  • 1.Types of Kinan’s KVM Extenders 
    Cat5 KVM Extenders

    Cat5 KVM Extenders

    Kinan Cat5 KVM extenders integrate the latest HDBaseT technologies to extend DVI video, stereo audio, USB, and RS232 signals up to 100m through a single cat5 / cat6 cable. The DVI KVM extender supports resolutions of up to 1920x1200@60Hz. Kinan also offers a dual DVI KVM extender, it allows dual view access, which enables the DVI video output to seamlessly display on two monitors. With an easy cable installation supporting various signals, the KVM Extender is ideal for applications where convenient remote access is required – such as transportation control centers, medical facilities, industrial warehouses.

    KVM Extender over Fiber

    KVM Extender over Fiber

    The fiber optic KVM extenders can allow you extend your console up to 10,000 meters through a fiber connection. Kinan HDMI KVM extender over fiber provides 4K FHD video quality and enables remote access to HDMI ports on PCs or servers. The remote user console (monitor, keyboard, mouse) can be up to 300 meters via multimode cable type. If the cable type is single mode, transmitting distance is up to 10,000 meters. The dual monitor KVM extender HDMI supports dual head extension, with two inputs, the extender is suited to extending dual head system.

  • 2.How does KVM Extenders work? 

    KVM Extenders consist of transmitter and receiver sets. A transmitter is connected to a computer or server located at the local computer system, and a receiver is connected to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse located at the remote user station. The transmitter unit communicates with the receiver unit over cat5 or fiber optic cabling.

    The KVM extender extends the video, stereo audio, USB, and RS232 signals to the remote console, the receiver unit decodes these signals and powers the remote peripheral devices (such as keyboard and mouse).

    It’s very easy to set up the KVM extender, no software needed, connecting cables to the devices is all it takes.

  • 3.Applications of KVM Extender 

    If you are working in a control room and concern about your security, the KVM extender can remove the computing devices from the end user's location. In an area that is not friendly for computer devices, such as industrial sites, Oil prospecting sites, or manufacturing sites, a KVM extender allows the computer devices to be located in a safe and clean environment. Kinan KVM extenders are widely used in the airport for air control, which requires HD video quality at the ATC tower in real-time control, while the computers are located in the server room on the ground.

    Kinan KVM extenders help you create an efficient workflow and improve your productivity, getting you away from server noise and heat environments. With Kinan KVM extenders, your servers or computers will be in a secure, clean, and dust-free environment.

  • 4.Why choose KVM Extenders from Kinan? 

    Product Warranty

    2 years standard warranty for all purchases. Warranty can be extended up to 5

    Customization Service

    OEM & ODM customization services are available for KVM Extenders.

    Competitive Price

    Independent R&D, efficient cost control guarantees a cheap price for the KVM Extenders.

    Quick Response

    Quick response to inquiries within 24 hours.

    Good After-Sales Care

    Professional after-sales team to quickly solve any after-sales issues.

    ISO Management

    ISO9001 / ISO14001 accredited ensuring maximum operating efficiency.

  • 5.What’s your warranty policy for KVM Extenders?  
    • The quality guarantee period of the KVM Extenders after leaving the factory is 2 years.
    • We promise that we will exchange any damaged products (except for man-caused) within 15 days from the receipt of the products.
    • If you have any further questions about our KVM Extenders, or if you have any after-sales requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone and we promise to respond to you within 24 hours.
  • 6.What’s the lead time for KVM Switch Extenders? 

    Sample Lead Time – Within 3 working days for our standard DVI and HDMI KVM Extenders; 7-15 days for customization requirements.

    Mass Production Lead Time – 7-30 days (Based on qty. and other special requirements)

  • 7.How you guarantee the quality of KVM Extenders? 

    We have a strict quality management system and procedures from material to production, burn-in test, and packaging.

    Raw Material Control

    At our local area, there are many raw material manufacturers and we keep good relationship with them. We have large and stable purchase quantity from them and they guarantee to supply stable and best quality material to us. All of our raw materials are compliant to RoHS 2.0 standards.

    3 IQC to check specs, size, function and appearance and make sure material meet quality.

    • Sampling standard: GB/T2828-2003 general inspection level
    • The IQC's have more than 3 years of experience in the KVM industry.

    Quality Control in workshop

    We have non-dust clean and safe anti-static workshop. Before the workers enter the workshop, there is an antistatic door curtain to keep the whole workshop is free of static.

    QC in workshop

    • 2 QC and 1 IPQC in the workshop to make sure the product is free of quality problems before burn-in test.
    • 1 QC responsible for the Internal Test after Assembly to do 100% full test to check function, appearance and fix all the screws to make sure the product is well assembled.
    • 1 QC responsible for the 100% full test to check the function, appearance before the burn-in test.

    Quality Control in packaging

    We have a quality department mainly responsible for product inspection and packing after burn-in test.

    QC in packaging

    • 3 OQC responsible for outgoing quality control to do 100% full inspection to check the function, appearance and other details before packaging.
    • 1 FQC responsible for checking all the accessories and labels and then sealing the packing box.
  • 8.What does our customers say? - Customer Reviews 
    • Product performs as expected.
    • The KVM Extender performs reliably and consistently.
    • Stable and high video quality.
    • Ship on time and provide good after sales care.

Kinan has a diverse list of customers including Fortune 500 corporations, medium and small businesses, factory and industrial operations, military and government installations, home office and personal use as well as many OEM customers.




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