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Model No.: KM0104

Seamless Mouse Switching Customized Monitor Layouts No Software Required

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The KM0104 is a 4-port keyboard-mouse switch that enables users to manage and control up to 4 computers with one set of keyboard and mouse. It supports seamless Keyboard-Mouse Command on 4 computers from a single workstation.

The KM0104 provides various port selection methods, users can switch between connected computers via front panel pushbuttons, keyboard hotkeys and mouse cursor.

The KM0104 is completely driverless, requiring no software. It is compatible with any PC and all major operating systems without the need for software downloads.

To fit different installations, the KM0104 also provides management software to help users customize the mouse cursor movement path according to their monitor layouts at the desktop.


KM Switching
  • Single USB keyboard and mouse control up to 4 computers
Various Port Selection Methods
  • Port selection via front panel pushbuttons, keyboard hotkey and mouse cursor
Management Software
  • An GUI-based management software enables users to customize monitor layouts
Boundless Switching
  • Simply move the mouse cursor between connected computers to switch the keyboard and mouse focus from one computer to the next
LED indicator
  • Provides LED indicator to help you find your current mouse/keyboard location (Optional) No Software Required
No Software Required
  • It is compatible with any PC and all major operating systems without the need for software downloads
USB 2.0
  • Support USB2.0 Hub, 4 PCs share two USB peripheral devices such as mouse, keyboard, flash drive, scanner, USB switch selectors

Diagram Diagram

Model KM0104
Computer Connections 4
Port selection Pushbuttons, Hotkey, Mouse cursor
Connectors User Console Keyboard/Mouse 1 x double-layer USB type A
Speaker (out) 1 x Min Stereo Audio
PC ports Keyboard/Mouse 4 x USB type B
Speaker (in) 4 x Min Stereo Audio
Power 1 x DC socket
USB2.0 Port 1 x double-layer USB type A
LED OUT 1 x DB9 (Female)
Upgrade Port 1 x USB-C
Button Port selection 2 x buttons
Power 5V- 12V DC
Power Consumption 3W
Emulation Keyboard/Mouse USB
Environment Operating Temperature 0-50℃
Storage Temperature -20-60℃
Humidity 0-80%RH, Non-condensing
Other Features Material Metal, Plastic
Weight 0.9kg
Dimension 263mm x 121 mm x 26.5mm
Product Specification Download
Cross-Screen Management System.pdf
Datasheet Download
KM0104-User Manual-V2.1.pdf
Click Here
KM1104 Datasheet.pdf
Click Here

Package Contents

1x KM0104 4-port KM Switch
4x USB Type A Cable
1x USB-C cable
1x Power Adapter
1x User Manual

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