• 4 Port USB HDMI Multi-View KVM Switch
  • 4 Port USB HDMI Multi-View KVM Switch
  • 4 Port USB HDMI Multi-View KVM Switch
  • 4 Port USB HDMI Multi-View KVM Switch
  • 4 Port USB HDMI Multi-View KVM Switch

4 Port USB HDMI Multi-View KVM Switch

Model No.: MH2404

Multi-View HDMI 4K@60Hz

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MH2404 is a 4-port multi-view KVM switch with a USB2.0 Hub. It allows users to monitor multiple sources from servers through one set of monitor, keyboard and mouse, and directly switch and select the servers to be operated and controlled in the screen through the keyboard, thus instantly updating the image and effectively improving the working efficiency of instantly monitoring the application situation;
MH2404 supports high-quality video resolution up to 4K (3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz) , and provides Quad-View mode and Full-Screen mode. Moreover, MH2404 supports a unique switching technology. In the quad-view mode, it allows user simply move the mouse to another screen to switch to another source quickly. When switching, the border of the port will flash to prompt the position of the mouse and keyboard , helping the user to quickly select the target device to switch to. MH2404 supports cascading mode and daisy-chain mode. When in cascading mode, users not only can manage up to 16 servers, but the images of these devices can be displayed simultaneously in up to 4x4 multi-view mode on the Master device;
Featuring simplicity and fast, the MH2404 will work after plugging the cable into the appropriate port. The MH2404 splitter directly obtains keyboard and mouse signal, no need for software, without complicated installation and compatibility issues. Engineered to meet the ever-increasing demand for multi-view functionality, MH2404 is specially designed with rich and diversified functions for where real-time monitoring is needed such as aviation industry, financial sector, game industry, and medical application, effectively improving work efficiency and reduce tedious operations.


Multi-display Modes
  • In multi-view mode, the keyboard and mouse can slide freely between ports and switch automatically.
Dual Display Output
  • Supports Quad View mode and full screen display mode
Superior Video Quality
  • The resolution can reach to 4K (4096*2160@60Hz), regardless of Quad View mode and full screen display mode. (3840×2160@60Hz is recommended)
Boundless switching
  • Boundless switching in the multi-screen mode – simply move the mouse cursor across windows and switch automatically
Daisy Chain & Cascade Connection
  • In Cascade Mode- display in up to 4x4 multi-view mode at the same time
  • In DDC mode-the keyboard and mouse can slide freely between ports and switch automatically.
USB 2.0 Hub
  • Supports USB2.0 Hub, allowing each computer to access connected peripherals
Wide Compatibility
  • Cross-platform support-Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix

Diagram Diagram

Model No. MH2404
Direct connection number 4
Maximum number of connections 16
Port selection Pushbuttons, hotkeys, mouse
Display Mode Quad-view mode,
Single-view mode
Connectors Console Ports Display 1 * HDMI type A
Keyboard/Mouse 2 * USB type A (White)
Audio Output 1 * Min stereo jack (Pink)
KVM Ports Display 4 * HDMI type A
Keyboard/Mouse 4 * USB type B
Audio Input 4 * Min stereo jack (Pink)
USB2.0 1 * USB type A (White)
LEDs Selected 5* Green)
Switch Port selected 4 * Pushbutton
Mode selection 1 * Pushbutton
Input Power Rating DC12V/3A 
3840×2160 @60Hz
Power Consumption 20W
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50 ℃
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 60℃
Humidity 0-80%RH,Non-condensing
Net Weight 1.5kg
Product Dimensions
(W × D × H)
270 mm *166 mm *44mm
Product Specification Download
User Datasheet - MH2404.pdf
Datasheet Download
User Manual - MH2404.pdf
Manual Download

Package Contents

1x MH2404 Mluti-View HDMI KVM Switch
2x Mounting rails
1x User Manual
5x HDMI cable (1.5m)
1x Power Cord
1x Ground Lead
4x3.5mm audio cable (1.5m)
4x USB Cable (USB type A female, USB type B female; 1.5m)

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