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  • Rack Mounting Installation

    The KVM switch will be installed in the front or rear rack cabinet. Make sure all the connecting computers as well as external device are shut down before installation.

    1) Remove the front or rear screw

    2) Screw the bracket to the front or rear part of the KVM switch

    3) Screw the KVM device to the rack cabinet (front or rear part)

  • Rack Mounting Installation

    A standard rack mounting kit is provided to mount the switch in a depth of 650-850mm (17”), 670-800mm (19”) in a standard 19”rack.

    With one person hold the switch in place and the other person slides the L bracket into the switch’s side mounting brackets from the front to the back, then screws the brackets to the rack. (See below installation diagram)

    Rack mounting (1)

    Rack mounting (2)