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Shenzhen Airport IDC room centralized management solutions


Background of the project

Shenzhen Baoan International Airport (referred to as "Shenzhen Airport") expansion project is currently in full swing, it is learned that the T3 terminal of the civil works will be completed by the end of 2012, 2013 will have transition conditions. In order to achieve the open space, the entire T3 terminal steel construction volume of more than 50,000 tons. November 28, 2013, Shenzhen Airport New Terminal T3 officially opened, the original A, B terminal, and the international terminal was discontinued over the same period. In order to ensure the smooth data flow of airports, the airport requirements of the server room for centralized management, real-time monitoring.


Shenzhen Airport T3 terminal which has a server room with 20 servers, were stored in two cabinets, the distance between the cabinets more than 10 meters, the room 24 hours to run. Staff often access the engine room to view the server, is required:

1, to achieve centralized management of 20 servers.

2, Easy wiring, with CAT5 cable wiring.

3, Device reliability and stability.

4, Can monitor the servers in the server room or control room.


Using KINAN LC1716 17-inch 16-port CAT5 LED KVM control platform, can help customers achieve the the engine room and monitoring center two location management, and LC1716 using the network cable wiring, greatly facilitate the wiring.


1, Through KINAN LC1716 control platform cascade control program, can effectively centralize management of all servers in the IDC room, from the control platform to the server, or control platform to the monitoring center, through the RJ45 and CAT5 cable transmission, quickly wiring and effective control costs.

2, Efficiency - in the data center can easily control the engine room any server, eliminating the time to enter and out room to improve work efficiency.

3, With the cascading method, only need a set of keyboard, mouse, monitor is enough to control all servers, thus saving a lot of space and cost.

4, Security – account and password settings, only authorized users can manage the servers.

5, Real-time video transmission, support resolution up to 1920 x 1440.