4 Port Keyboard-Mouse Switch



  • 4 Port Keyboard-Mouse Switch
  • 4 Port Keyboard-Mouse Switch


4 Port Keyboard-Mouse Switch

Model NO. : KM0104

The 4 Port Keyboard-Mouse Switch enables users to manage and switch KM (Keyboard and Mouse) functions of four connected computers, including multi-head computers. It supports seamless Keyboard-Mouse Command on 4 computers from a single workstation. The KM0104 is completely driverless, requiring no software. It is compatible with any PC and all major operating systems without the need for software downloads.


  •    Dedicated simulation processor
  •    Support keyboard and mouse emulation
  •    Support multiple operating systems
  •    Support front panel switching
  •    Support stereo audio output




Model KM0104
Computer Connections 4
Port Selection Pushbuttons, Hotkey, Mouse
Connectors User Console Keyboard/Mouse 1 x double-layer USB type A
Speaker (out) 1 x Min Stereo Audio
PC ports Keyboard/Mouse 4 x USB type B
Speaker (in) 4 x Min Stereo Audio
USB2.0 Port 1 x double-layer USB type A
RS232 Port 1 x DB9 (Female)
Button Port Selection 2 x Pushbuttons
Power Input DC 5V/ 2A
Power Consumption 10W
Emulation Keyboard/Mouse USB
Environmental Operating Temperature 0-40℃
Storage Temperature -20-60℃
Humidity 0-80%RH,Non-condensing
Other Features Material Metal, Plastic
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimension 228 x 121 x 26.5mm


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